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Quit assuming you don’t earn enough to get a home loan.

Geez, you’re hard on yourself — it’s time to tell that little voice in your head to pipe down. Find out exactly how your income affects your chances of getting a home loan, and how you can improve your situation.

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Unsucky out-of-office messages for your Thanksgiving break.

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! To show our thanks to you, we've taken the liberty of creating a suite of pre-written out-of-office messages for your 4-day turkey festival. Cut, paste and go to town!

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The Top 5 reasons why getting a home loan with us feels nothing like being punched in the kidneys.

The thing is, getting a home loan with other lenders is painful. But with us, it’s painless — surprisingly so. Heck, it’s almost fun. Allow us to demonstrate in 5 pithy points….

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How long does your Purchase-Ready Approval last?

Getting your Purchase-Ready Approval is a big deal — it's your one-way ticket to getting the upper hand at open houses (realtors love them, other buyers fear them). But what if you've got your Purchase-Ready Approval and haven't found a place? Chill. You've got time — find out how just how much here.

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A Last-Minute Guide For A 4th of July Party That Doesn’t Completely Suck.

2020 went down in history as a complete and total sh*tstorm of a year and thanks to the miraculous efforts of Earth’s top minds, we’re beginning to see a little more light at the end of that dark, stinky, cold, and creepy tunnel.

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