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You’ll get a reliable approval and loan options in real time, so you can calculate your exact ROI on the spot.


Loans made just for investors.

From conventional loans for first timers to DSCR loans for tycoons, you’ll get options — not some cookie cutter mortgage.


Low rates equal high returns

Using lots of automation, not lots of people keeps our rates low and your ROI high. See our investment property rates here..


Your own Loan Guide who eats investment loans for breakfast

They’ll get the most out of your income and assets to get the results you’re looking for.

These investors know what’s up...

See why other savvy investors trust us for speedy, pain-free loans.

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Don’t get screwed around — get the green light instead.

We won't waste your time with half-baked approvals based solely on answers that come from the top of your head.

That won't do at all.

We prefer to use exact and verified info to generate more accurate approvals.

That's why 95% of the approvals we give in 15 minutes reach clear to close.

What does that mean for you? Choose a loan option, plug it into your spreadsheet and relax knowing your ROI won't change later.

Investment property loans help

Can I borrow through my LLC?

What's the minimum FICO?

What's the minimum LTV?

Can I be a first time home buyer?

Do I need personal income verification?

Do you offer interest only?

No bait ratesNo bait rates

Low rates you'll actually get — not bait rates you won't.

We want you to know exactly what your ROI is and get funding as early as possible.

It's easy to be lured in by a 3-minute quote and bait rate, then waste precious time only to find out later that the numbers don't work. You have to know immediately.

In 15 minutes, we use more exact info to get your rate — then we stick to it, so you know how your rental property will perform.

We cut out steps and use lots of automation instead of lots of people to save time and give you certainty.

So you can close fast and move onto the next deal.

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You get a dedicated Loan Guide who's well
versed in rental property loans.

Call, text, email, DM, carrier pigeon — how you reach your Loan Guide is up to you.

Your Loan Guide

Can we get a ‘hell yeah’ for
financial freedom?

There's nothing like the feeling of taking steps towards financial freedom — and we get it. We know the loan itself is less important than taking you where you want to be.

And where's that?

Kicking back watching your portfolio expand on a Tuesday morning while you cheers yourself at the cinema.

So, let's get the loan out of the way — so you can watch that rent roll in.

WTF is DSCR? Use the property’s income to get the loan — not yours.

Don’t limit your portfolio’s growth to your personal income. Know exactly where you stand
with loan options in 15 minutes — then go play real life monopoly.