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3 drool-worthy chocolate factory renos

In the spirit of Easter, we’re exploring three renovated chocolate factories from around the world. From Bristol, to Berlin, to Fitzroy, we’ve searched high and low for the dreamiest renovations to delight your senses. Take a look...

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Beeline Homebody: Alicia Hawes

Oh look! It's Alicia, our Onboarding Coach — when she's not helping our new team members settle in, she's doing the school sports run with 50 Cent blaring...

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Beeline Homebody: Peter Gonzalez

Meet Peter Gonzalez, our President and CFO — if you've got questions about finance or the best place to take a first date in New York, he's your guy.

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A Last-Minute Guide For A 4th of July Party That Doesn’t Completely Suck.

2020 went down in history as a complete and total sh*tstorm of a year and thanks to the miraculous efforts of Earth’s top minds, we’re beginning to see a little more light at the end of that dark, stinky, cold, and creepy tunnel.

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Beeline Homebody: Lauren Tilghman

Think working in HR can't come with a side of fun? No way. Here at Beeline our Head of People and Culture, Lauren, is all about mixing the smart with the good times. And those good times include Kenny Chesney, House Hunters, and something called a 'fun pineapple'...

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