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The Top 5 reasons why getting a home loan with us feels nothing like being punched in the kidneys.

1. 100% online — no printers or papercuts.

Look, we’ll be straight-up with you — if you’ve got some kind of kooky attachment to your printer, then we’re not for you. Same goes for if you really enjoy stapling paper. 

Our application is entirely online, from your initial application right through to the closing phase. Essentially, we’ve taken the best bits of technology like machine-learning and AI (but definitely not those creepy robot dogs) to create an experience that is speedy, intuitive and most importantly, accurate. 

Here’s what all of that means for you — you can apply with us in a breezy 15 minutes, and because we’ve been able to verify your information as you go, the approval you get is as accurate as they come.  

And once you’ve been approved? You’ll move seamlessly into your Beeline Tracker where you’ll be guided through every step of the closing phase, right up until that sweet, sweet closing day.  

And just on closing — our new-school approach also means our closing times are super speedy. 

But it’s not all high-tech and Segways in the office — you’ll be supported the whole way by your very own Loan Guide who’ll be on-hand if you need,  (more on them later). 

2. Tell those pre-approvals to get lost — you want a Purchase-Ready Approval.

Pre-approvals, man. People go crazy for them, and sure, we can see how it could be tempting to spend 3 minutes to get a piece of paper that says you can go out and buy the house of your dreams. 

But here’s the issue with a traditional pre-approval — the numbers you provided? They haven’t been verified. So that shiny pre-approval is actually pretty unreliable, and likely to change once your lender actually verifies all your information. Ugh. 

Imagine if you had put an offer on a place based on your flakey pre-approval. Hello Disappointment City. 

Enter our Purchase-Ready Approval — we link directly to your exact numbers and verify them instantly. So in roughly 15 minutes, you’ll have a fully verified, reliable Purchase-Ready Approval letter that you can take house shopping to make offers like a boss. Boom! 

3. You’ll get your very own human being (not to keep, obviously).

Sure, we’re into using tech to make our experience faster, accurate and more intuitive but sometimes you just need to be able to pick up the phone/open an email/drop a text to a real live person. 

We get it. That’s why we’ve got Loan Guides. They’re living, breathing people whose sole mission is to make sure you get a home loan without furiously slamming your laptop closed, rage clicking, or worse still, having to find a printer *shudders* 

You’ll get a dedicated Loan Guide to help you through each stage of our loan process and you’ll be able to reach them directly via email, DM, text or phone. No telling your story to a different person every time!  

You can have as much or as little contact with your Loan Guide as you like — just know that if you do need them, they’ll drop their Everything Bagel mid-bite to answer your call. 

4. Glide all the way to closing day with your Beeline Tracker.

Once you get that Purchase-Ready Approval, you’ll enter your Beeline Tracker. It’s essentially a portal that takes you through every step up until closing. 

You’ll be able to do a bunch of things in your tracker like choose and lock your loan, add your property and sign and upload docs. It sends you notifications, so there’s no wondering where things are at — just jump into your tracker, and you’ll be able to instantly see where you’re at, what you’ve done and what’s left to do. 

So, that’s it — now if when reading this, you even half raised an eyebrow in surprise or made that ‘Well, that is pretty cool’ noise, you owe it to yourself to see if the process really is as awesome as we’re suggesting. 


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