Make a Beeline

Self employed? Get a loan with your bank statements — not your tax returns.

Don’t sweat write offs and irregular income.
Enjoy fast, easy bank statement loan approval.
Great for contractors and gig economy folks. 


Other lenders put Kalli in the too hard basket.


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Being self employed is great — until you need a loan. 

If you have irregular income and tax write offs that make your income look small, it can be frustrating getting a home loan in the traditional world.   

So welcome to the world of bank statement loans. 

You qualify based on bank statement deposits each month for a period of time — so no tax returns or W2s. 

Approval and closing is quicker because less documentation is needed, not more.  

Bank statement loans are more flexible — with higher loan amounts and more options if your credit isn’t stellar.  

Now there’s an easier way that’s not hindered by lumpy income or your tax write offs.  

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Why Beeline for bank
statement loans?


Loans for self employed folks.

You won’t be crammed down the normal path if you’re a small business owner, contractor or gig economy worker.  


No tax returns or W2s needed.

Steer clear of tax returns and W2s and use your bank statements or 1099s to qualify for a higher loan amount.  


More loan options means you’re more likely to qualify.

We can explore conventional loans first — and if it’s no go, let’s get you qualified with your bank statements. 


Fast, stress-free closing.

Your dedicated Loan Guide, your Beeline Tracker and our tech mean less back and forth and you’re always in the loop. 

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What you need to know.

12-24 months’ of bank statements with regular deposits or 1099s.  

At least 2 years of self employment. 

A minimum of 10% down payment.  

Loans go up to $3 million.  

Interest only is available. 

For owner-occupied, second and investment properties.  

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A bigger bag of loan options means we can help more people.  

If your situation is easy, we can give you loan options in minutes.  

But if your situation isn't so easy, or if you’re one of 73 million gig economy workers or a property investor, other lenders will put you in the ‘too hard’ basket. 

Beeline’s wider variety of loan options means you’re less likely to waste time and more likely to find a solution.  

If you’re self employed with irregular income we’ve got bank statement loans. If you’re investing, DSCR loans are ideal to qualify with rental income instead of yours.  

Why can’t it be easy for everyone? 

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Get out of the too hard basket and into your new home. 

We love taking people to their happy place with the right loans.  

And if you’re self employed, bank statement loans can turn home loan headaches into home loan high-fives.  

So, let’s get the home loan out of the way so you can plan an epic housewarming. 

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