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Adrian x Beeline: A home loan 10 years in the making.

Adrian looked awesome on paper — super successful, great credit, good income — so how come it took him 10 years to get a home loan?

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Beeline x Kalli: No 9-5? No worries!

Music therapist and guinea pig lover Kalli was looking for a place she could finally call home for her and her son. Sounds easy enough, right? Apparently not (according to other lenders) — find out how we got it done...

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Beeline Homebody: TJ Donovan

Meet TJ, our mandolin playing, bluegrass lovin', Seinfeld quoting Loan Guide super star.

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Beeline Homebody: Greg Ellis

Meet Greg, one of our Aussie co-founders and hand gesture enthusiast. Greg heads up Brand here at Beeline — nothing making it to your screens without first going past him. This dude can spot a misplaced comma or off-brand font a mile off. Find out more about Greg and why he'd never hire a clown for a kids party...

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Beeline Homebody: Alicia Hawes

Oh look! It's Alicia, our Onboarding Coach — when she's not helping our new team members settle in, she's doing the school sports run with 50 Cent blaring...

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Pat x Beeline: One woman's quest to cash out for a better life.

Where do we start with Pat Smith? She's a hard working, big-hearted Texan who came to us for a cash out refinance to finally finish renovating her place in Abilene. And man, is she a hoot — take a look at her story...

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Beeline Homebody: Peter Gonzalez

Meet Peter Gonzalez, our President and CFO — if you've got questions about finance or the best place to take a first date in New York, he's your guy.

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Beeline Homebody: Lauren Tilghman

Think working in HR can't come with a side of fun? No way. Here at Beeline our Head of People and Culture, Lauren, is all about mixing the smart with the good times. And those good times include Kenny Chesney, House Hunters, and something called a 'fun pineapple'...

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Beeline Homebody: Nick Liuzza

Who here thinks that up until now, the home loan process suuuucked? We bet the person shouting 'ME!' the loudest is our own co-founder Nick, who helped start this whole 'easy home loan' thing. But that's not all he does, and being a boating rebel is just the start of his other escapades he told us about.

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Beeline Homebody: Jamie Childress

Put your hand up if you love Aerosmith, bingeing Shameless and your kitchen is your absolute favorite place in the house. If your hand is raised, you're most likely our fantastic Head of Processing, Jamie, who made us all jealous chatting about her first gig watching Steven Tyler belting out the hits.

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