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Adrian x Beeline: A home loan 10 years in the making.

Adrian looked awesome on paper — super successful, great credit, good income — so how come it took him 10 years to get a home loan?

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Beeline x Kalli: No 9-5? No worries!

Music therapist and guinea pig lover Kalli was looking for a place she could finally call home for her and her son. Sounds easy enough, right? Apparently not (according to other lenders) — find out how we got it done...

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Tech Tribune: Profile of a Founder — Nick Liuzza

The good folks at The Tech Tribune invited our co-founder, CEO and eternal optimist, Nick Liuzza to be part of their Profile of a Founder series. Check it out!

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Tech Tribune: #1 2022 Best Tech Startup in Rhode Island.

The Tech Tribune crowned us #1 Best Tech Startup in Rhode Island. Check it out!

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Why your FICO really ain't that scary...

If you're feeling a little 'ugh' about your FICO, we've got a handful of super easy ways to take it up a notch.

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The Top 5 reasons why getting a home loan with us feels nothing like being punched in the kidneys.

The thing is, getting a home loan with other lenders is painful. But with us, it’s painless — surprisingly so. Heck, it’s almost fun. Allow us to demonstrate in 4 pithy points….

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Quit assuming you don’t earn enough to get a home loan.

Geez, you’re hard on yourself — it’s time to tell that little voice in your head to pipe down. Find out exactly how your income affects your chances of getting a home loan, and how you can improve your situation.

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Your student loan isn't necessarily a big jerk.

Student loans suck. But they might not have as big an impact on buying a home as you think. Class is on with the only lesson on student debt that won't have you nodding off.

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Beeline Homebody: TJ Donovan

Meet TJ, our mandolin playing, bluegrass lovin', Seinfeld quoting Loan Guide super star.

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