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The best reno tips to give you the most bang for your buck

Ahhh, renovations. They can seriously boost the value of your home, and give it a fresh new look. But if you're not careful, they can also blow your budget, and your schedule, out of the water. That's why it's more than handy to take a look into some time and wallet-friendly renovation options before you take the hammer to the wall.

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These parts of your Loan Estimate are the key to getting the best deal.

When you think of loan docs, you probably think of boring paperwork that makes your eyes glaze over. But some of them are pretty damn important, and your LE could be the difference between you getting a sweet deal, and ending up in a loan nightmare.

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Bring out your inner green thumb with these fool-proof plants for any room.

Itching to make your lounge a greenhouse oasis but don't know the first thing about keeping a leafy friend alive? Get your gardener on with our guide to all house-loving plants.

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Woohoo! You're approved — now you can let loose a bit! Not so fast...

You've gone through the application and the nail-biting wait to find out if you're approved for a home loan and you've done it! So now you can stop being so money-careful and get that extra-large fish tank, right? Sorry to say you better put Henry the fish's new home back on the shelf until you've got the keys to avoid messing with your approval.

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Heads up, you could be paying a lot less in closing costs.

Does the idea of paying your closing costs incite a heavy sweat for both and your wallet? How about if we told you it's pretty easy to cut down a decent chunk of those costs? The 'almost too good to be true' rundown is right this way.

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