Home loan tips, tricks and general goodness.

Your student loan isn't necessarily a big jerk.

Student loans suck. But they might not have as big an impact on buying a home as you think. Class is on with the only lesson on student debt that won't have you nodding off.

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Your guide to settling in with a pet.

They say home is where the (happy) pets are. So we've made the guide for settling your favorite non-human into your new place faster than you can say "walk?".

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Competing in a hot housing market is easier than you think.

Just because the housing market is fiery doesn't mean you have to get burned. Here's how to get ahead of the competition and into your new digs like a pro.

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you've already done the hard work to get a sweet refi.

Pssst, you've already done the hard work to get a sweet refi.

This just in: you're probably in better refi shape and you don't even know it. Luckily, we've done the thinking for you and have all the signs you're ripe to refi.

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5 ways to get financially healthy in the New Year that you won't abandon by March.

Planning your New Year New Me health makeover? Want to include your finances but think it's more effort than a few online yoga classes? Well, think again.

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