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Short term rental loans to pump up your passive income.

Enjoy our simplified STR loan application.
Use the property’s rental income — not yours.
Then float in the pool while that cash flows in. 


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Finally, short term rental loans that aren’t a pain in the ass.

Travel is back baby! This year, 86% of world travellers booked a short term rental (STR), with STRs expected to grow another 10% by 2025. 

So what are the right loans for this opportunity?  

The answer is DSCRs for STR (sorry about the acronym sandwich).  

DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans are based on the property’s rental income, not your personal income.  

So your portfolio’s growth isn’t restricted by your personal income and you can own lots of properties = lots of cashflow!  

Approval is easier because there’s no painful personal income verification — just have the property’s rental income ready. 

Watch our interview about sizing up an STR opportunity 

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Why Beeline for
STR loans?


Simple STR application flow.

An online STR experience that doesn’t force you down the normal path and ask you for personal income. 


Get certainty upfront.

You’ll get a reliable approval and loan options in quick time so you can calculate your exact ROI on the spot. 


Loan options just for STR.

Our STR loans are DSCR, so they’re based on the rental property’s income, not your income. No W2s and payslips. No DTI limits. No need for a lease either. 


Your own Loan Guide who eats STR loans for breakfast.

They’re well versed in STR and DSCR loans and get the best loan to give you the results you’re looking for. 

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What you’ll need for an STR loan.

A credit score of at least 640. 

Ideally 12 months’ actual historical STR income and 12 months’ worth of projections.  

At least 12 months’ history of you paying either mortgage or rent payments. 

Your total annual rent should cover your principal, interest, insurance, property taxes and HOA fees (if applicable). 

A minimum of 20% down payment unless it can be considered a second home. 

Reserves to cover 6 months’ worth of payments. 

Don’t worry if you’re not perfect with any of these, we may still have an option. 

Check out Awning’s AirBnB revenue estimator 

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Take the shortcut to financial freedom.

We love taking people to their financial happy place with the right loans.  

And some are getting there via short term rentals.  

So let’s get the STR loan out of the way so you can watch those high yields roll in while sipping a pina colada. 

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Get your STR approval and loan options now.