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Ever wondered how 23 year-old smart asses can own 20 properties?

Meanwhile you're stranded on one — trying for two but getting rejected by lenders.

The answer is DSCR.

DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans are evaluated based on the property's rental income, not the applicant's personal income.

So your portfolio's growth isn't constrained by your personal income and there's no limit to number of properties you can own.

Approval is faster and easier too because there's no painful personal income verification.

You can close in an LLC and even use short term Airbnb rental income with as little as 15% down.

So their Daddy's not always bank rolling it!

Ever wondered how 23 year-old smart asses can own 20 properties?

Why Beeline for
DSCR loans?

Home loans like never before.

Tailored DSCR application flow

A dedicated online DSCR experience that doesn’t cram you down the normal path and ask you for personal income.


Reliable approvals upfront

Our approvals are more likely to close than traditonal pre approvals. Go property shopping right away. Don’t waste time.


See customizable loan options

Within 15 mins see rates and loan options up to $2m. Fixed 10/15/30 and ARM 5/7/10. Even a 40-year that’s interest only for the first 10 years.


Low rates equal high returns

Using lots of automation, not lots of people keeps our rates low and your ROI high. See our investment property rates here..


Your own Loan Guide who eats investment loans for breakfast

They’ll get the most out of your income and assets to get the results you’re looking for.

What you’ll need to access the world of DSCR.

A credit score of at least 660.

At least 12 months' history of paying either mortgage or rent payments.

Your total annual rent should cover your principal, interest, insurance, property taxes and HOA fees (if applicable).

A minimum of 20% downpayment.

Reserves to cover 6 months' worth of payments.

Long and short term rentals like Airbnb are ok.

Got an outside of the box case?
No problem.

Maybe you’ve got the kind of situation other lenders put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

So the thought of going through an application gives you hives — you just want to know if you can get a loan, or not.

Good news! We embrace the quirks.

We’ve got dozens of different loan types, and Loan Guides who aren’t afraid to use them.

Get in touch with a Loan Guide who’ll go through their bag of tricks to find a loan that works for you.

Out of the box DSCR loans

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You can only grow your property portfolio so much using your personal income. So why not spread your wings and get into the world of DSCR?

WTF is DSCR you may be asking?

We're not fans of acronyms either — jerks tend to use them to alienate normal folks.

DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

Eligibilty for DSCR loans is based on verifying the rental property's income, not your personal income, tax returns and pay stubs.

With conventional loans, lenders look at whether your income can support extra loan payments — so after a couple of properties, you'll max out your ability to borrow (unless you earn squillions).

That's where DSCR loans come in.

They can transform newbies into cigar wielding tycoons.

But while DSCR loan programs have advantages, the rates are slightly higher so if your income isn't maxxed out with other properties, a conventional loan might be better, but we can help you decide.



Fast DSCR online application

Sign in, refresh your profile and answer an even shorter application.

If your portfolio is growing like a kick ass game of Monopoly, don't apply from scratch and go around the board every time you need a loan — just do us a favor and stay out of jail.

Fast DSCR online application

DSCR loans to suit tycoons and young investors just starting out.

We love seeing people getting into the property market and taking steps towards financial freedom.

Whether that's getting wealthy and smoking fat obnoxious cigars or just working a little less hard — we'll leave that up to you.

So let's get the loan out of the way — so you can watch that rent roll in and move onto the next one!

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