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Beeline Homebody: Alicia Hawes

What do 50 Cent and a glue gun have in common? Our Onboarding Coach, Alicia is a big fan of both. 

Alicia is the unflappable ‘internal’ face of Beeline, welcoming and training all our new staff during their first few weeks with us. She can also whip up a fully-functioning papier-mache volcano faster than you can say ‘Mom, my science project is due tomorrow.’ 

Alicia came to Beeline because her core values aligned with ours — “Be a good human and do good work”. And geez, we’re glad she did. 

What do you do at Beeline?

I’m the Onboarding Coach. Which is a combination of a few really fun things. The most important thing I do, and my favorite, is to welcome new employees and walk them through their first few weeks with Beeline. I get to induct our new folks into the Beeline way of doing things, our culture, values, our approach to customer service — all the good stuff!  In addition to that, I do a lot of training content creation and training coordination. Finding ways to make sure our teams have all the resources they need to be successful in their roles. 

What are you currently binging?

I just started Inventing Anna on Netflix, so good! I have a 6-year-old so we also watch Encanto on repeat multiple times throughout the week! 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I'm a mom of 4, what's free time? Lol! When I'm not working it’s typically something with the kids, someone needs to be dropped off or picked up from somewhere or there’s a track meet, soccer game or some sort of kids sport to go watch.  

What brought you to Beeline?

I was looking for a big career change and wanted to be somewhere that had growth opportunities. When I first heard about Beeline and researched what the company was all about, the core values aligned well with my personal values. Be a good human and do good work. It's refreshing and exciting to work for a company where you truly believe in what they stand for. 

Where’s your favorite place in your home, and why?

My craft room/office. It's the one room in the house that is all mine and not shared with a husband or kids. 

Do you own your own place? If so, think about how you felt when buying for the first time — what advice would you give yourself?

Yes! When we first bought our current home it needed a lot of work. It was a foreclosure that sat vacant for a while. I immediately fell in love the first time we walked in and was able to see past some of the not so pretty things like the gross carpet and ugly kitchen. We have done a good bit of renovating and made it our own which is really fun to do as a homeowner. I did stress through the entire financing process so if I could do it all over again I'd tell myself to chill and focus more on the good exciting parts. 

Think about your hometown, what/where is something cool that only a local would know about? Eg. a killer brunch spot, secret beach, a kooky festival etc.

I'm from Charleston, South Carolina — one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The food is great, beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. There is a little spot on Folly Beach that doesn’t get very crowded. It's where my husband and I got married and will forever be my favorite spot. 

If you’ve got any special talents or party tricks, now’s the time to tell us.

I'm pretty crafty! Give me a glue gun and some craft supplies and I can probably make something pretty cool! 

What is your go-to housewarming gift?

I love gift baskets! Fill them up with all sorts of goodies like treats, wine, flowers and useful little gadgets for the home. 

What’s your idea of a kick-ass housewarming party?

Light up the fire pit, turn on some music and make a TON of food. Good food, drinks and music — can never go wrong with that! 

Where would your dream home be? Beach shack looking over the waves? Penthouse apartment? Farm full of alpacas.

A cute little cottage on some land (maybe 3-4 acres) in the country, a ton of dogs running around, a pool to lounge by and a huge vegetable garden. Bonus if there’s a cute pond on the property! 

What’s the first concert you ever went to?

50 cent. 


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