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Beeline Homebody: Jess Kennedy

When you ask Jess what she does at Beeline, she’ll say ‘fixer’, ‘therapist’, ‘snack orderer’ but she’s being ridiculously humble. She’s actually our General Counsel, CCO, a co-founder, and pretty much the glue that keeps Beeline together. But you know, snacks are important too.  

Jess took us through her penchant for watching Seinfeld reruns and why the bathroom is her favorite room in the house (and it’s got nothing to do with the decor!). 

What are you currently bingeing?

I spend about 20 min on Netflix trying to figure out what to watch before giving up and watching old episodes of Seinfeld, does that count? 

In high school, you were (or would have been) voted ‘The person most likely to…..’

Succeed. Yes, I was the same nerdo I am now. At least I'm consistent. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I promise I'll have free time in the next couple years. 

Do you have an office nickname?

Hey You, Kennedy, JK, Jessica but only when Peter (another co-founder) is really mad at me. 

What brought you to Beeline?

The idea of building a truly amazing company that's dedicated to a one of a kind customer experience. 

Where’s your favourite place in your home, and why?

Bathroom? I have two small kids — it's the closest I get to peace. 

Do you own your own place? If so, think about how you felt when buying for the first time — what advice would you give yourself?

Yes, on my second home purchase. I was in the industry but still felt overwhelmed by the uncertainty of getting approved (anyone with crazy student loans can understand). 

Think about your hometown, what/where is something cool that only a local would know about?

I'm from Tampa originally — there are several great eateries but West Tampa Sandwich shop is one of my favorites. An old house was converted to a one room breakfast/lunch place. It is deafening in there — the old Italian and Spanish guys go there and sit around having coffee and Cuban bread for hours. No better place to not be able to hear yourself (or anyone else you're with). 

If you’ve got any special talents or party tricks, now’s the time to tell us.

I can do some pretty advanced yoga arm balances and inversions, beyond that, I'm boring. But I CAN function on very little sleep — is that a talent? 

What’s your idea of a kick-ass housewarming party?

Friends, family and tons of food and alcohol. I'm easy. 

Where would your dream home be?

Beach house in Florida. Penthouse in Boston. 

What’s the first concert you ever went to?

Before the Backstreet Boys were a big hit, they came to my middle school circa 1996 and put on a concert during a pep rally. Bizarre in hindsight but that was probably the first concert. 

Picking up what we're putting down?

You're just a cruisy 15 minutes away from knowing exactly where you stand.