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Where did the name Beeline come from?

Well, 'Mortgage Corp' was already taken.

Not really. The truth is, in January 2019, our 6 founders spent two weeks immersing themselves in all things home loan. Scintillating stuff, as you can imagine. 

One day, over a coffee at the Empire Cafe, two of the Australian founders, Jay and Greg spitballed and immersed in the feelings they wanted the name to convey and what they wanted it to evoke - approachable, inclusive non BS, simple, fun. What they didn’t want it to evoke too - corporate banky pinstripe suit BS, judgemental.  

Clear on the feelings but not the name itself, they kept coming up with duds. 

Later that day, Jay and Greg found themselves sharing a beer at Buskers Pub in Newport. Though Australian, normally neither of them even drink beer, but it was 5 degrees out, options were limited and the Irish bar was close by, so they could walk there without their hands freezing off. 

Slowly drinking their beers, the two mulled over the problem in near silence. Suddenly Jay turned to Greg and exclaimed, “I don’t know if it’s the hypothermia talking but I think I’ve got a name for our company!” 

Greg leapt to his feet, spraying beer nuts across the floor in the process, and grabbed Jay by the shoulders, “For God’s sake man, tell me!” 

Jay removed himself from Greg’s grip, invited him to take a seat and took a deep breath… “It’s Beeline.” 

And so it was.  

Normally a fussy, difficult guy to please, Greg was instantly into it, boots and all. In truth, it was a lot less hard than naming a company can be, and the Guinness flowed a little more freely after that — well, they had 2 pints each.  

We were delighted that Beeline’s meaning conveyed our intent in every way.  

The dictionary definition of a Beeline is ‘The shortest route between two points’ which perfectly sums up the experience. 

But it also carries a lot of meaning, particularly relevant to how we want people to feel as they engage with us and our brand:  

A direct, certain, straight line. 
A shortcut. An inside lane. 
Clear direction without confusion.
Not going in circles or off track. 
No dithering. No fuss. No distractions.
Bees are small, humble, not showy and diligently work together.
Bees don’t sit still. They’re buzzing around, but have purpose. 
Unthreatening. Diminutive. On the level. Not judgemental or self-important. 
Humorous. Whimsical. Light. 
Off-bank totally.  

In short, a beeline is minimum fuss, maximum effectiveness, with a little fun along the way.  

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