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Beeline Homebody: Lauren Tilghman

This is Lauren, she’s our Head of People and Culture. She’s the reason people love working here and the reason you’ll love the people who work here. She hires carefully and purposefully, and has a strict ‘no douchebags’ policy.  

Oh, and she also enjoys yelling at strangers about their questionable home decor choices.  

What do you do at Beeline?

My title is Head of People and Culture — but my role goes so far beyond that! I support every single one of our employees, from our interns all the way up to our executives. I focus on building a strong company culture and a positive employee experience. A lot of my time is spent supporting managers and helping our team become stronger and more efficient.  

I help plan internal social functions, philanthropy involvement, and do all of the other standard HR ‘stuff’. I'm a strategic partner to our leadership team and have been at the forefront of our COVID-19 practices. As with many startups, I wear a ton of other hats, like office WIFI setter-upper.  

My role varies depending on the day, but that's what I love the most about it! 

What are you currently bingeing?

House Hunters! You know those people who yell at the sports teams on TV, even though the players can't hear them? That's me with home buying/renovation shows — NOT THAT GRANITE! DO YOU REALLY WANT A FULL REMODEL?! 

In high school, you were (or would have been) voted ‘The person most likely to…..’

Change the world. A girl’s got to have big goals! 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have a toddler, so most of my free time is spent dancing to Baby Shark, playing with toy trucks, and googling "How to get play-doh out of carpet". 

What brought you to Beeline?

I was so excited to get back into a startup environment and help build out the entire HR function. Our mission was super intriguing too — closing a loan in 14 days is a game-changer for the mortgage industry! 

Where’s your favorite place in your home, and why?

My son's room — it was the first room we decorated after we moved in, and it has the most calming vibe to it! 

Do you own your own place? If so, think about how you felt when buying for the first time — what advice would you give yourself?

We do! The first time we bought, I was so worried I was going to buy a house that needed major repairs and I wouldn't realize it during the buying process. The best advice would be to find a really knowledgeable realtor and take someone more experienced in home buying with you to look at the home! 

Think about your hometown, what/where is something cool that only a local would know about?

I'm from a small beach town in North Carolina called Oak Island. The best spot on the beach is at the very west end of the island. At low tide, you have so much beach, and a fantastic area to swim without waves — it's also a perfect spot for an early morning stroll. 

If you’ve got any special talents or party tricks, now’s the time to tell us.

Most of my special talents now involve falling asleep on the couch at a really early hour on Saturday nights. But back in the day, I used to be able to do some pretty crazy yoga poses — like balance on one leg with my other foot under my chin. 

What’s your go-to housewarming gift?

A bottle of champagne covered in Ferrero Rocher chocolates with some fake tropical florals on top — it creates a fun pineapple, and who doesn't love chocolate and champagne?! 

Where would your dream home be? Beach shack looking over the waves? Penthouse apartment? Farm full of alpacas?

House in the suburbs with a big yard and a huge back porch - there's nothing better than summer nights on the back porch with friends and a glass of wine. 

What’s the first concert you ever went to?

I saw Kenny Chesney when I was in middle school — wearing cowboy boots and all! 

Picking up what we're putting down?

You're just a cruisy 15 minutes away from knowing exactly where you stand.