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Why our rates are so low

Removing pointless steps means we don’t need to pay an army of people, so our rates are low. See them here


A radically new way to apply

Direct links to your bank, pay and tax info do the work — no digging through the attic for docs.


Know where you stand, pronto

Our Refi-Ready Approval is super accurate because your actual numbers are verified instantly. Pure, unadulterated certainty in minutes.


Your very own Loan Guide

They’ll deftly navigate you every step of the way — from approval right up until your refi is in the bag.

How to get your cash without the brain strain.

Get your Refi-Ready Approval, lickety-split.

15 teeny minutes. That’s all it takes to find out how much cash you can get out.

Wait. What?

Yup! Because we collect and verify your actual numbers instantly, we can give you a Refi-Ready Approval with your real rate — just like that.

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No bait ratesNo bait rates

Low rates you'll actually get — not bait rates you won't.

We want you to know your real rate as early as possible.

It's easy to be lured in by a 3-minute application and headline rate, only to see it change later.

In 15 minutes, we link directly to your exact income and asset numbers to get your rate — then we stick to it.

We cut out steps and use lots of automation instead of lots of people.

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Never feel alone — your Loan Guide will
navigate you the whole way.

Call, text, email, DM, carrier pigeon — how you reach them is up to you.

Your Loan Guide

How to save $50k on your home loan on your lunch break.

The BS-free guide to an easy refi — everything you need to know to land the best refi deal.

  • See exactly where you stand right now — find out what lenders look for.
  • The tools and numbers you need to figure out exactly how much better off you’ll be.
  • Loan costs — know the essential from the BS, and when you can push back.
  • Speed dating questions to find the right lender.
  • A checklist of everything you’ll need to apply for an easy refi.
How to save $50k on your home loan on your lunch break.

See how much cash an easy refi can give you.

Play with our refi calculator and start making plans — new swimming pool perhaps?