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Digital Mortgage Lender, Beeline Announces Partnership with Stessa, a Roofstock company

PROVIDENCE, R.I., February   16th , 2022 -- Beeline, an emerging digital mortgage lender that provides the shortest path to homeownership, today announced an agreement with Stessa, a Roofstock company, the leading online marketplace for investing in the single-family rental (SFR) sector. Beeline will provide conventional and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)  Mortgages to Stessa’s clients as part of the partnership.  

Beeline’s platform is well suited to Stessa who makes it easier for real estate investors to manage their portfolios, just as Beeline does for home loans.  In just 15 minutes, Beeline provides borrowers  "Purchase And Refi-Ready Approvals," day or night, using a borrower's exact financial information and predictive analytics rather than relying solely on information that borrowers declare, as traditional pre-approvals do.  

With the borrower's consent, Beeline securely accesses their bank, income, and tax information online, verifies the numbers instantly, and gives a more reliable, accurate approval upfront.  Beeline boasts a remarkable 97% accuracy in predicting that their automated approval ultimately reaches Clear to Close — giving the borrower near certainty in as little as 15 minutes.  

“We are absolutely ecstatic about this partnership”,  said Nick Liuzza, CEO of   Beeline.   “We like Stessa because of its strong brand recognition, their ability to deliver on its stated goals and a kindred philosophy around enabling and empowering people into property ownership through technology, so we are super happy with the outcome.  Our platform will fit snugly with Stessa, and our ability to give early certainty, then close quickly will help build confidence with investor borrowers.”  

Beeline, whose platform already supports borrowers having multiple properties within a single profile, is developing a dedicated onboarding journey specifically designed for investors during Q1 of 2022,, which is different from a standard purchase transaction.   “Many lenders try to cram investors down a normal single-family purchase path,” said Jessica Kennedy, COO.   “It’s a different transaction and worthy of its own process and technology in order to heighten the customer experience while closing faster and more easily.” 

Beeline, which launched its proprietary platform in June of 2020, is licensed in 26 states and continues to advance its origination and title platforms as it moves toward $1B in mortgage originations.  


About Beeline 

Beeline is a U.S. home lender that gives consumers the shortest path to realize their dreams of a new home or refinancing. A radical new way to apply without the hassle of filling out long, tedious documents gives Beeline customers more certainty with a Beeline Ready-Approval than from a typical pre-approval with much less effort, by letting consumers directly link their exact financial info in seconds. This gives Beeline accurate information and users the lowest rates. Best of all, applying takes only 15 minutes from the sofa on a mobile device day or night. Speeding up approvals also means Beeline can give low rates to its customers. Based in Providence, R.I., Beeline is licensed in 26 states, including the District of Columbia. Find out more at 


About Stessa 

Stessa gives millions of real estate investors with single-family rentals, multifamily buildings, and short-term rentals a powerful new way to track, manage, and report on all of their properties in one place. Property owners can now see all their key metrics in one place with a visual dashboard, automate their income and expense tracking, organize all types of real estate documents, and save time with tax-ready financial reports. And best of all, Stessa is FREE for individual investors! 

Stessa's users track more than 170,000 individual properties representing over $45 billion of assets. Stessa was founded in 2016, is headquartered in San Francisco, and was acquired by Roofstock in 2021. To learn more, visit 


About Roofstock 

Roofstock is the leading marketplace for investing in single-family rental homes, offering investment properties in top U.S. markets. The company provides all of the resources for investors to buy, own and sell real estate online, including data analytics, property management oversight, and other tools. Stessa's transparent, innovative marketplace empowers investors to own cash-flowing rental properties, diversify their investment portfolios and build long-term wealth through real estate. Founded in 2015, the company has facilitated more than $3 billion in transaction volume through its marketplace to date. 

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