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All the ways to reinvest your cash-out refi that you probably haven't considered

Hint: A cash-out doesn't just have to be used to pay down debt or upgrade that patio with the holes in it. But you probably should patch that up.

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Do people celebrate when we tell them we can approve a refi in minutes?

You'll never believe what people say when we tell them we do an accurate refi approval in under 10 minutes...

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Get the low-down on forbearance: all your questions answered

The new rules around forbearance are Rubik's-cube-level confusing. Luckily, we've rounded up the most asked questions and gone and answered them for you.

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How to take on a home reno project mid-pandemic without the migraine

2020 may have stopped a lot of things, but a sweet home reno doesn't have to be included. Find out how to give your place a facelift stress-free.

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Here's the thing nobody tells you about your down payment...

Your down payment doesn't have to be 20%. It doesn't even have to be 10%. Find out how you can get into your new place without selling an internal organ.

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Picking up what we're putting down?

You're just a cruisy 15 minutes away from knowing exactly where you stand.